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ADRK World Family Cup & Sichtungspruefung 2019 04.03.2019

  General Information Name ADRK World Family Cup & Sichtungspruefung 2019 Date 25./26.05.2019 Place Sports Grounds, Am Unteren Griesweg, 67363 Lustadt Host BG Westheim e. V. Trial Director Main Sports Warden Judges Richard Berning (A), Karl-Heinz Nieratzky (B), Anton Spindler (C) Helper Tobias Harter, Lars...


IFR events 2019 - Denmark

Dear Delegates and Rottweiler Friends,

As was announced and published before, our Danish friends will this year not only organize the IFR-World Championship IGP III ABC, but a whole week of Rottweiler festivities and including the Meeting of Delegates :



Don't boycott the people who wage our fight ... support them !!!

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We learn that there is some animosity on social media about the fact that the IFR World Show 2019 will be organized by the Chinese Rottweiler Club, a  decision that was taken unanimously by the Meeting of Delegates dd. 2017.

Like all dog lovers, we are aware of the gruesomeness of the photo’s and video’s that flood our western social media, showing dogs being horribly abused.  They show a reality that is so horrible that it overshadows all considerations of accepting this as a mere cultural fact.